Who can answer my questions?

You may contact the HHCEF directly at grants@hhcef.net or you may contact Beth Gruber, HHCEF Vice President, Grants, at 257-5153 or beth.gruber@henhudschools.org.

What happens when my grant is approved?

Applicants will be notified via email when their application has been approved. As soon as you are notified, you will be able to start your project. Grant recipient responsibilities: District Grant Recipients: Contact the District Office or your school’s main office to determine how to order materials, etc. All financial aspects of the grant are

How is my application reviewed and who evaluates it?

The HHCEF board reviews all applications based on established criteria: Identification of need Clarity of educational objectives Method of evaluation and measurement of progress Sustainability and fit with other community/district programs Size of target population Applications are evaluated and voted on by the HHCEF board which consists of community members. The District Superintendent also sits

What approvals do I need to apply for a grant?

District applicants: • Building-level: Principal approval is required on all applications • Technology request: Director of Technology approval and Principal approval if necessary • Special Education: Director of Special Education and Principal approval if necessary Community organization and other applicants: • Executive Director or other similar official must approve all applications An email indicating approval

How do I apply?

Complete the appropriate writeable PDF grant application Obtain necessary approvals (see below) Submission: • Save the form and email it to grants@hhcef.net. • or print a hard copy and mail to: HHCEF, P.O. Box 114, Montrose, NY 10548. In-district applications can be interoffice mailed to Beth Gruber, HHSD District Office. • Reminder: Please obtain all

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