The HHCEF Scholarship Award is given to a graduating Hendrick Hudson High School senior who plans to go into any of the helping or teaching professions, has overcome challenge(s), and exemplifies the standard of community service that is at the core of the HHCEF’s mission. Recipients are selected with the assistance of the Hendrick Hudson High School Scholarship Committee.

HHCEF Senior Scholarship Recipients

2015 recipients

Class of 2022
Carmen Lojano Chasi
Rachel Ostrowski

Class of 2021
Frank Godino
Eliza Falk

Class of 2020
Jake Mahoney
Jacklyn Kenny

Class of 2019
Gabriella Lebitsch
Sean Outhouse

Class of 2018
Natalie McIntyre
Robert Reyes

Class of 2017
Lexie Grullon
Tatiana Reeves

Class of 2016
Catherine Barra
Kennan Ewing

Class of 2015
Emily Aurand
Jazz Munitz

Class of 2014
Justin Fischer
Katlyn Palka

Class of 2013
Darren Ferony
Meghan Mastroddi

Class of 2012
Alexander Alves

Class of 2011
Brian Chavez
Joi Moore

Class of 2010
Danielle Astarita
Maggie Cole
Erin Cruikshank
Kelly Lynch
Mariah Plunkett
Rebecca Theodore

Class of 2009
Kathryn Thompson
Jeffrey Fleishman

Class of 2008
Jessica Chacha
Kristin Kolb
Perry Landsberg

Class of 2007
Jane O’Hanley
Anthony Hannigan

Class of 2006
Erica Brophy
Chelsea Krueger
David Ticker
Thomas Yee
Kate Eisen

Class of 2005
John Havranek
Danielle Miller

Class of 2004
Amy Cohen
Dan Carrion

Class of 2003
Kate Wolosky
Anne Scally

Class of 2002
Kristen Cerreto
Jason Jacoby

Class of 2001
Valeria Olego
Andrew Cooke

Class of 2000
Kara Gaffney
Jacob Morrison