Who We Are

Quantum Dynamix Consulting is a marketing firm based in Carmel, New York. Focused on helping small business owners achieve their goals with strategic marketing efforts. QDC takes the time to learn about what is important to you and your targeted audience.

CEO, Principal/Director of Marketing & Business Development

During Michael’s career he has focused on strategically promoting the businesses he has been involved with while also integrating their relationships with the communities they serve. He graduated from SUNY Albany in 2007 with a BA in Communications, since that time he has had experience servicing both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Providing them with an array of different services such as Marketing, Event Planning, Social Media Strategies, Community Outreach and Business Development.

Michael has organized events such as concerts, political engagements, galas, focus groups and fund raisers throughout his professional career spanning 15 years. His clients have included a host of varying businesses ranging from family farms to multi-million dollar corporations. Michael enjoys community involvement in his own life and is a Board Member of the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce. He also belongs to the Chambers Young Professional Division working on their digital marketing, social media and events.



One of the most sincere forms of respect is listening to what to others have to say. Only by listening can we truly understand what our clients need and want. So we are all ears! We take the time to learn about you.
We work to create and develop strong, long lasting relationships with your organization. We do this to help you build the strategies you need to succeed.


Whether we create a strategy for you or help execute an existing plan, we provide tools and services to attract new clients, increase retention, and highlight you, the client. Our goal is to help you move your organization ahead of the competition!


Communication is the key to success! QDC will communicate and execute strategies agreed upon by both parties. Once we execute the strategy we maintain and monitor its progress. If you want changes along the way, we will pivot and adjust. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority.
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What We Offer

Project Management

We manage every piece of your project from pre-production to delivery and ensure that you are getting the highest quality. We are not satisfied until you are.


Design, Content and User-friendliness are all essential to building a strong web presence but if no one knows where to find you then all your work goes down the drain. QDC specializes in making sure your product or service gets the attention it deserves.
“Search Engine Marketing and search engine Optimization are critically important to online business. You can spend every penny you have on a website but it will all be for nothing if nobody knows your site is there.” Mark Ostrofsky

Event Management

From the illustrious to the annual business conference, Quantum Dynamix will do it all!

We Listen to what you, the client, wants, we Create to exceed those expectations and Communicate our unified vision then deliver an unprecedented event

QDC has a number of vendors we work close with that are professional and reputable.


Whether it be Media buys, Digital Marketing, or Branding Strategy, QDC works to develop the strategy that is right for you.

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Over the past few years digital marketing has grown bigger than national TV advertising. Quantum Dynamix creates and implements strategies to help you reach your audience through paid search, mobile advertising websites and social media channels.

Tradeshows, billboards and ads placed in television radio as well as magazines/papers.

Having a strong visual brand is pivotal to a company’s long-term success. QDC can help you identify and communicate the unique quality of your brand and work with you to develop a plan to maintain its consistency and integrity.

Social Media

Social Media is a forever growing; forever changing communication forum. It has gone from a platform of community’s communicating to a market of its own. Quantum Dynamix specializes in SMM and helps businesses make sure they hit there targeted demographic.

QDC will monitor the progression of your social site and report area’s for improvement or potential items that can get better exposure on other forums.

QDC will maintain your social media portfolio. We will update content, monitor posts and monitor potential hazards to your reputation.

Market Research

We are watching old conservative businesses fail and fall day after day. From Toys R Us to countless Record Labels these businesses fail to adapt to their audiences buying trends. So how can YOU compete? How can you make sure you are showing up in the right search results? Are you prepared?

This is where QDC steps in. We do the research and communicate to your targeted audience in a way that keeps you in front of the right people for your product or service.